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Hey im back!

2008-05-23 23:34:28 by Bahdshah

I'm back and a whole lot calmer!! All my latest songs have been sucking alot lately so im trying to make a comback and hopefully you guys will support me with this one!!
I have three songs comin atcha in order....
1) Frostbyte (Mhm.. A whole NEW version with loads of better stuffs)
2)Falling From Heaven (Is it ever gonna finish?? it just laggs my com too much with kr1z's leetnessxD)
?) Some new random song i dont know about??? Not sure of anything, could appear anytime!

k thats it, im not going to continue anymore.... so enjoy urselves..SUMMER HOLIDAY BABEH

-Bahdshah (RdM)
RedMoon Deejay

Hey im back!


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2008-05-23 23:40:20

Tell me when you finish them. :)


2008-05-23 23:47:07



2008-05-24 01:13:27

Look forward to the new songs.


2008-05-26 14:58:22

what? which summer holiday? who? where?
goddamnit *jealous*