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Hey guys! I'm a 19 year old producer from Singapore doing a wide variety of genres from Happy/UK Hardcore to Hard Dance/Trance and even Electro! Most of them won't be here though, so check out my Facebook page for updates :3

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Bahdshah's News

Posted by Bahdshah - May 6th, 2008

I'm pissed at those 0 bombing cunts and also my lack of skill in music so im goin on a short break!
and will be back soon with my new song, Turn The Tables. It will own you so hard your mama will turn to statue. Fuck you.

Meanwhile..... if your lookin for a kewl wallpaper... have yourself a "Turn The Tables" wallpaper =D

Gimme a break assholes.

Posted by Bahdshah - April 23rd, 2008

Hey once again!!!!!!! woooottt got some AWESOME new songs comin up especially one...
HARDSTYLE!!!!!!!!! There will not be any releases except for Defqon One on Friday untill the 2nd week of May.. i have my exams comin up and i gotta study!!! (zomg nerd) xD ANYWAYS.....
I have a cover for teh new Elliptical CD comin up!!!! Let me know what ya think!!! Some new songs are in it too like : Defqon One (fo shizzle!)
Genesis (zogomgomg the creation of matter from nothing O.O)
!llusions (TRANCE BABEH =DDDDD!)
The End (Ending song for teh elliptical album!!)..Name says it all =3
OKAYZ1!! gotta go now so you guys enjoy yourself! (doing whatever u were O.O")
btw... this is the LOW QUALITY version of the cover so dont diss it coz of that xD
- Bahdshah (RdM)
RedMoon Deejay

---------------------------------EDIIT --------------------------------------
DEFQON ONE IS OUT GO CHECK IT OUT AT MY PROFILE (Click the word "audio" near the title)
Sorry for the 3day delay but ive been tooo busy!!!! see ya all1!!
BTW, my birthday is this Saturday, 3 May so.....any requests?? xD lol

Elliptical CD!!! =3

Posted by Bahdshah - April 13th, 2008

Hey all! My song "Elliptical" was played at Singapore's Woodlands Stadium on 11th of April for the NCC(My school army thing) to do their PDS (Rifle flips and etc.!) I was so elated! Thanks all teachers and friends who helped in giving me some exposure!! Special thanks to my cousin Firman too for helping me spread the song in his school =D!!!
Whats coming up next???
1) Hit it harder - RdM (My first HARDSTYLE baby!!!)
2)"Falling From Heaven"Kr1zRdM (How much longer am i gonna delay -.-)
Thats it!@!! My mid-year exams are comin and so ive been TRYING to study xD (Me + Studying = o.O)
Heh!! Anyways, i also have alot of stuff up like practicing the piano! (grading test comin soon!)
and as well as perfecting the shuffle!!(Trust me, you would NOT want to see me do it xD ahahha)
That's actually part of the reason why im creatin' hardstyle!!~
Thanks ALOT to Navarone666 (Alec) for introducing me to it xD
we were supposed to come up with a collab but he's busy D.o.t.A. - ing, lol i would too but i got too much stuff on!! ANYWAYSSSSS SEE YA!!~ =D GOOOOO YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMESSSS xD!
-Bahdshah (RedMoon Deejay)

My first public "performance"!

Posted by Bahdshah - March 20th, 2008

"Midnight Sun" is in top 30!!!~~~~ WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO IM LOVIN IT' (barapapaapa!)
Hahahah thanks everyone for your support i love you guys alot! Heres whats coming up~
1)Sound of my dream (NCCPDS MiX) I will have to do this for my school's "army" rifle dance!
Don't worry! the stupid lame shit intro will be removed and ill add loads of stuff XD
2)"Falling from heaven"Kr1zRdM I just HAVE TO finish it!! its been like a month!!!~
3)"Basshunter" (RdM MiX FiNaL) I've delayed this for far too long!!~Need to make it more kickass!

I cant confirm no.3 ,sorry bout that..well i might skip the basshunter one xD!

-Bahdshah (RedMoon Deejay)
The Sound of my dream NEW MIX IS OUT!!!~ CHECK IT OUT AT
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /132288
IT ROCKS and is SOOO much better then the first one PLEASE check it out!~
---------"Mydnite Sun RmX" IS OUT ALREADY GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!------
Coming next is Falling from heaven!!

Posted by Bahdshah - March 13th, 2008

I've been practising the piano and etc so far but i seem to have run out of ideas!!!
I'll try to make my own songs when i can!
but im now hooked to making kickass remixes so anyone has any idea on what song to remix
please please please (pl0x)!!! Tell me what song to remix! I would be glad to do it!
Please leave comments on what song to remix! (Sorry for repeating myself xD)!

----Extra news----
Our dear buddy Kr1z (Kris), is quiting newgrounds and music for abit as ALOT of his songs; even his masterpieces get zer bombed and he is pissed because of that! so any kr1z fans, PLEASE SHOW HIM YOUR SUPPORT BY VOTING 5 ON HIS SONGS WHENEVER YOU CAN AND SEND HIM PMS ASKING HIM TO CREATE MORE MUSIC!! It is greatly appreciated!~
Thanks for all your support! =D

Hey hey hey!

Posted by Bahdshah - March 3rd, 2008

Despite everything thats been going bad lately..i've just released the sound of my dream mix and it's awesome!!!! so i recommend everyone to go check it out! Im planning to PM most of my fans and tell em about it xD!!!!!!! It had vocals, singing,stuttering..even Jesse (F-777) on the trance piano!
Whew!!! Well i couldnt have done it without Kr1s for the nexus too xD
See ya for now~

Posted by Bahdshah - February 25th, 2008

I'm very sorry, but the Galactiq Rave Series, has been cancelled because it was a flop.
I just didnt have enough time too, I reduced everything down to only 3 songs:
1)SoundOfMyDream (RdM MiX) - Coming out in about a week! Need to get nexus done first.
2)Basshunter Final Mix - Release date to be confirmed after SoundOfMyDream release.
3)"Falling From Heaven"- Collab with Kr1z, will be done ASAP. Release date is unknown.
That's all for now...See ya!
And be sure to check out the PROFESSIONAL Remix of Clubringer's Sound Of My Dream
Coming out!!~ (Wootz0rxbbq, it has Vocals in it!! and even better..STUTTERING!XD)
-Bahdshah (RdM)
See you guys soon!!
WHERE ARE YOU JESSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bahdshah - February 10th, 2008

I recently just added EnV on MSN to learn stuff from him and BOY I LEARNED ALOT! XD
He taught me some basic effects stuff and such. Im gonna get nexus ( A KICKASS VSTi)
soon!!! and im gonna use it in the Final mix of the Basshunter song. Trust me it will ROCK,
but there's a saying "Don't say stuff you cannot confirm yet" so yeah..this is just a prediction hehe
since ive learned alot of stuff and have started editing it. Good news : Midnight Sun got over 1000+ listens and 150+ downloads1!! thats like...a huge achievement!! I've also gotten alot more fans!
Whew life's lookin good...xD I dont really know how to put a link so here:
(please remove the space in it xD)
"Basshunter"-DJ RedMoon
so yeah.. i actually did my first custom synth in the song and it rocks1! its a freaky Clubbish Breaktrance kinda thing i made up so go check it out =D
See ya and Happy Valentines Day!
Im currently doing a kickass collab with Kr1z called "Falling From Heaven", be sure to check it out =D
Here's a list of my songs coming up soon :
1) "Falling From Heaven" Kr1zRdM
2) Rave: Red Moon Rising (Part 1 of my 3 part Galactiq Rave
3) Rave: Lunar Eclipse (Part 2 of 3)
4)Rave: The Darkest Star (Part 3 of 3)
5) "Basshunter Final MiX" RdM
6) "Mydnite Sun RMX" RdM (A remix of my own song)
7)"Flight Remastered"-DJ RedMoon
WOAAAAH thats alot of stuff to do!!!!! But im kinda sick of flight....so.... NAH i aint gonna do it, sorry xD "Mydnite Sun RMX" is also a maybe xD But dont worry the Galactiq Rave Series, collab with kris and also the basshunter final mix will be done!! =D

Posted by Bahdshah - January 31st, 2008

I've got some new fans so now...maybe i should write stuff a little longer and tell whats been goin on in my life! I'm currently learning some more piano to improve my chords stuffs xD I got a song named "Lethal Noize" coming up..some what like battle music and... WOOT IM DOING COLLABS WITH F-777 AND KR1Z xD I really hope it will rock man!!... some more better news.. ELLIPTICAL AND MIDNIGHT SUN GOT MORE THEN 100 DOWNLOADS!!! thats like...WOAH MORE THEN 10!!, when i first got 10 downloads i was like WOAAAH THIS IS AWESOME! and now.. 100... I CANT HOLD THE EXCITEMENT xD lols.. see you guys soon... and 1 more thing.. im doing a proffessional remix of Clubringer's Sound of my dream and gues what.. ITS GONNA HAVE VOCALS IN IT!! Kewl huh! xD
WOOOOO..im tired..
Well this really isnt confirmed, what im gonna do as said on top but what i can tell you is the two main songs of "Flight" is of course "Flight" and "Midnight Sun" are gonna be remastered soon so keep a look out for "Flight Remastered" and especially "Midnight Sun Remastered". Jesse's kinda busy at the moment so "Falling from Heaven" will have to wait, and also the East Clubbers remix xD
Bye for now1!! xD
P.S. I bet you guys will surely love "Midnight Sun Remastered" xD
Can titles be that long..??..hmm ill have to find another name for it..something shorter xD

Posted by Bahdshah - January 22nd, 2008

Elliptical is doing soooooo good!!!!! and at the moment its at the top of the dance list!!! I hope it gets into best of the week man!! Ohhh godd how things have begun to turn my way!! This is cool man!
I have 10fans now and counting but alot of people love my songs!
Heres some to check out: (sorry i dont know how to do the orange link thingy XD)
"Midnight Sun"
"Distorted Reality" ( A remix of B0UNC3's song! i learned it by hear and added a few tunes!)
"Silver Liquid"
and "Flight" the title of my so called Newgrounds Album! XD
Flight remastered keeps getting delayed as i dont have its save file! so im trying to remake everythin
but dont worry it will be done! (Eventually XD)
Thats all for now!!
Meanwhile... im practicing some piano and getting to learn more and more chord stuffs and such but look out my new songs coming out...i dunno when but yeah they will be out soon XD
One's called "Falling From Heaven" I'm in the midst of making this song when suddenly saw another song with the same title i was liek FTW!?! but who cares XD The next song is teh awesomest and its called "Red Moon" hahaha what's it with me and the moon in the colour red?
blargh... see you guys soon!

ZOMGZZZZ!! "Elliptical"