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Hey guys! I'm a 19 year old producer from Singapore doing a wide variety of genres from Happy/UK Hardcore to Hard Dance/Trance and even Electro! Most of them won't be here though, so check out my Facebook page for updates :3

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Bahdshah's News

Posted by Bahdshah - January 9th, 2008

Dang i got infected with this FREkin virUs!!! I HATE IT SOOO MUCH!!!!!! Thank god my father is an expert at this area and my com is making a speedy recovery but my save files were infected!!!!!!!!!!! so "Flight Remastered" is gone for now, ill try remaking it XD, but in the meantime i working on 2 songs, one is "Sliver Liquid" and another "Frostbyte", dont know which one is coming out though, maybe both XD cause im actually merging the tunes 2gether, if it doesnt work then it'll be 2 seperate songs =D
Bye for now~

Posted by Bahdshah - January 2nd, 2008

Check out my new songs "Flight" and "Mydnite Sun", they ROCK!! im sooo happy to finally have some good songs!!! I have always sucked but now i dont anymore!! THANKS ALOT F-777(Jesse), Kr1z(Kris)
and Koriigahn!!!!! WOOT

Posted by Bahdshah - December 27th, 2007

Hey wazzup guys! I'm remastering my song Muse and i hope you guys will love it, i've gotten LOADS of tips from F-777(he's awesome), he's helped me alot. I promise you guys Muse Remastered will be NOTHING like my old songs which suck. As for Blizz Remastered, it can go to hell >.<

Posted by Bahdshah - December 9th, 2007

Well you see.. i kinda forgot that it was my parent's aniversaryXD and my dad wanted to take the whole family out to eat and spend like 3 days of family time..yeah i know -.-..XD Well, sorry for the postponing, anyway its not like as if people are actually waiting for it XD I'm now currently trying to learn a few things from Kr1z, added him in MSN!! Hope i can chat and learn loads of things from him so my music can improve rapidly and who knows, i might be on Best Of The Week one day! (Yeah i wish).I'm not sure at what date it'll be out, but ill post again when i am extremely sure XD In no particular order whatsoever
Here's a list of good dance/techno/trance/whatever artists to check out :
1) Dj-Nate (MUST!!)
6)ParagonX9(She's hawt XD)
and the last artist which is totally out of the genre but check her out, hania.
If anyone knows any music artists who are awesome please let me know i wanna go check out their music =D
(Nate loves us all<3 The Euphoria will ALWAYS rock.)

Posted by Bahdshah - December 6th, 2007

Its just been out for like a few freakin mins..BUT I TELL YA I GOT 4 VOTES AND ALL OF EM GAVE ME A 5!!!
I'm like so freakin happy! Sorry for not finishing it, but it will be finished after MuseV2 and not after another song. Who knew crazy intro's could give u good scores? XD BlizzRemastered(Finished)
will be out on ESTIMATED* uh.. 10Dec 2007 because i still have to finish MuseV2. Bye for now!
(It's not like anyone checks my profile anyways..)

This is what i wrote on the release of MuseV2, Part 1 is out but Part 2 will be out 2moro, a low score was already expected -.-" Okay, here's what i wrote :
"IN BETWEEN SOMETHING WENT WRONG SO IM PUTTING THEM IN 2 PARTS!!!!Something f**ked up, i dunno why so i'm not gonna care anymore, gonna concentrate on BlizzRemastered which will be released on 10Dec2007 those who wanna get a "taste" of it can go find BlizzRemastered (Unfinished) or just search my name at the audio portal, Do take note Blizz Remastered is just something like that, it will be modified at some parts like the bass and will be finished. Thank You all!!! "
Yeah i know.. this sucks...hope my Blizz Remastered can bring some good comments because recently there have been people going around lowering others scores just so they can get theirs higher, sucks huh. Bye for now....

Posted by Bahdshah - December 5th, 2007

Blizz made me so happy!! i loved it so much but i dont know why i keep getting a low score for it, even my Muse which sucks like hell got 4+...and this one got 2.something which is why im mad...im going to ROCK the audio portal and try to get best of the week with my new creation coming out - Blizz Remastered so watch out for it, not sure when it will be released but when it is.. ill post again.
Sayonara for now,
(Pronounced as Butt-shuh XD, Yeah im Pakistani but i live in Singapore..!)