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Hey guys! I'm a 19 year old producer from Singapore doing a wide variety of genres from Happy/UK Hardcore to Hard Dance/Trance and even Electro! Most of them won't be here though, so check out my Facebook page for updates :3

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Bahdshah's News

Posted by Bahdshah - March 7th, 2011

Lots of people have been thinking that I stopped producing! XD but nah, I'm just not posting new tracks on to the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Hmmm, maybe I should soon :3

Anyways, all my new tracks will be at my Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/redmoondj and I also have a facebook page! : http://facebook.com/redmoondj

So be sure to check those out for more tracks and updates! also, if you guys are into Youtube and all that, I have a page in which I'll start uploading all my vids and tracks too: http://youtube.com/bahdshah

- Bahdshah (RedMoon)


Posted by Bahdshah - September 24th, 2010

well it seems that noone from the synthetica ep 2 is replying anymore so i think it died out :( it's been ages! i decided to repolish that "Game Over" track of mine and i actually got it signed to a label! it's forthcoming on an australian hardcore label known as Fundamental Hardcore!
Here is RedMoon Deejay - Game Over

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btw i now also have a facebook page so you can keep track of my latest happy hardcore tracks!

- Bahdshah

Posted by Bahdshah - December 15th, 2009

In the first Synthetica EP, my track Iceferno was the only happy hardcore track on it and I was soooo glad that it was greatly received!
So, this time, I've come up with another hardcore track and decided to do something REAL funky and catchy, it turned out EPIC! You guys can check the demo out in my audio submissions list! It's an 8-bit inspired track =D
I will let you guys know when the EP is out and post links to where you can buy the tracks!
Trust me, it is WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY! All the tracks on the EP sound professionally done and are DARN GOOD! So..... SUPPORT US! =D, it's just 99cents a track!

- Bahdshah
I've also made a hard trance track called "Synthetica" as a tribute to the EP, you can check that song out at my Myspace

Game Over made it to Synthetica EP 2!!!!!! WOOOOT!

Posted by Bahdshah - September 21st, 2009

Hey guys! Long time no see! XD, I'm doing a big myspace makeover soon, to put up all my new awesome stuff! (that won't be on newgrounds sadly). I will however, post random, non-serious stuff (i can assure you they'll still be good tracks though) when im bored or somthing, so no worries! I'm also gonna be modifying the layouts (to make it more presentable for label managers who browse through artist profiles) and other stuff like adding videos and popular artists + labels to get them to come check out my myspace (www.myspace.com/redmoondeejay) and hopefully, i will get signed one day... :)
Isn't that any NGAP artist's dream? XD
I also REAALLYL REALLLLY hope my track "Game Over" makes it to Synthetica 2 because i need the exposure and money! The deadline is to submit 1st October and we'll have the results reaaalll soon xD. I was in the first one and it turned out real great as alot of people enjoyed my track "Iceferno"!
In other news, im currently working on "Noise Control EP" which is my first DnB EP that will contain 2 tracks, 1) Dead Air & 2) Silence. You can trust me that it's gonna be fuckin' EPIC XD

- Bahdshah (RedMoon Deejay)
I'll make another post when the makeover is done so you guys can check it out! Thanks for your time!

MAJOR Myspace update!~

Posted by Bahdshah - January 24th, 2009

Yeah you heard me right! My track Iceferno is going to be out on Synthetica EP!! the album that some newgrounders have come together to create! ITS TOTALLY WICKED! Nal1200 will be posting a demo clip soon so watch out for that! Meanwhile check out some of my newer tracks not available on newgrounds at www.myspace.com/redmoondeejay

Btw im a virgin, ^__________________________^


Posted by Bahdshah - October 17th, 2008

DONT WORRY!! I will be posting awesome remixes and minor songs on newgrounds from now and then so dont panic! im not leaving! I'm finished with the best trance track i ever made, Skyward for the EP that newgrounders of the audioportal will be contributing to! i think its called Synthethica or somethin, the name's not decided XD Help support me! check out my myspace at www.myspace.com/redmoondeejay
Thank you LOADS!


Posted by Bahdshah - August 24th, 2008

Bahdshah is now creating Happy Hardcore /Trance tracks and will only be posting them on his MySpace
due to some policies. You can drop by and have a listen to his latest tracks at http://www.myspace.com/redmoondeejay

Posted by Bahdshah - June 19th, 2008

Hey there! I'm doing a couple of songs (about 3 actually) for a demo CD and they have to be around 7mins long to give to a few music producers my uncle knows. He says not to submit songs on newgrounds anymore because many people steal songs from here so i wont be doing so anymore, but of course i will be giving previews and etc. I have a myspace so ill put up my new songs there too for you guys to listen (full tracks at myspace.com/redmoondeejay).
Someone on the latino american myspace stole my song (Ellpitical) and a couple of other newgrounders songs and put it up as his own too! He even named himself DJ RedMoon!!Motherfucker!! xD
Well i dont really have anything to say anymore coz i gotta rush to perfect the songs but i've only completed ONE!! I only have like 1 day left to complete the other 2!!!! how is it gonna be possible man!
Anyways see ya!

Hello to my buddies Kr1z, Jesse, Nintechno, Brixx, Mich, Conor and the rest!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KRIS!!!! 20 yrs old! =D

Going LIVE!

Posted by Bahdshah - May 27th, 2008

Sorry guys... but im quitting the 5 team...why???? i don't know!!
I just prefer to be neutral, and i also seem to be getting more zero bombed nowdays...ALOT.
But i dont mind anymore, i'm going to start anew, its their choice what they want to vote.
FREEDOM OF SPEECH XD!!!! So, now im just making music for leisure, enjoy the song and vote whatever you think is appropriate =D

Happy listening......~


Quitting the '5' Team.......

Posted by Bahdshah - May 23rd, 2008

I'm back and a whole lot calmer!! All my latest songs have been sucking alot lately so im trying to make a comback and hopefully you guys will support me with this one!!
I have three songs comin atcha in order....
1) Frostbyte (Mhm.. A whole NEW version with loads of better stuffs)
2)Falling From Heaven (Is it ever gonna finish?? it just laggs my com too much with kr1z's leetnessxD)
?) Some new random song i dont know about??? Not sure of anything, could appear anytime!

k thats it, im not going to continue anymore.... so enjoy urselves..SUMMER HOLIDAY BABEH

-Bahdshah (RdM)
RedMoon Deejay

Hey im back!